Briefing Notes - Current
Ref Issue Title Status Issue Date Synopsis
BN - 001 1 'Assessment of Depot Facilities' Live April 2011 To provide further detail of the information relating to depot facilities to be provided as part of the assessment and the minimum acceptable levels for these facilities.
BN - 003 2 ‘Bogie Overhaul’ Live September 2009 To provide clarification on the assessment requirements for, and scope definition of, ‘Bogie Overhaul’ suppliers.
BN - 004 2 ‘Wheelsets and Wheelset Components' Live September 2009 This Briefing Note captures the best practice contained in GM/RT2470 Issue 2 and provides clarification on the requirements for RISAS assessment of wheelsets and associated component suppliers
BN - 005 1 'Application of S1 and S4 Service Product Groups' Live April 2011 April 2011 To provide clarification on which elements of Service Product Groups S1 and S4 are applicable to organisations procuring or carrying out attention to vehicles or systems and to describe the elements expected to be contained in any certificate.